Frequent questions


1. How do I get to TmCC?

You can get to TmCC very fast, no matter what means of transport you choose. Timisoara Convention Center is located on 1-3 Mărășești street, Timisoara, Romania.

Please find information about how to get to TmCC here.

2. How do I enter TmCC?

You can enter TmCC through the main entrance, the entrance from the pedestrian area or through the connection between Timișoara Hotel and TmCC. The entrances are equipped with elevators and a staircase with an access ramp for the disabled persons.


3. May I visit the TmCC halls before organising an event?

Yes, you are welcome to visit the TmCC halls and talk to our consultant. Please schedule a tour with one of TmCC consultants.

4. How do I book a space at TmCC?

Please fill in this form and one of the TmCC consultants will be in contact with you and help you discover the perfect services for your needs.

5. What type of events can be organised at TmCC?

The possibilities are endless, you can organise corporate events, meetings, product launches, themed parties, cultural events, exhibitions and other special events. Our consultants will help you turn dream event into reality. 

6. Is there a minimum number of attendees required to organise an event at TmCC?

No, the halls are available for any number of persons and any kind of event. The halls’ rate will be adapted based on your requests.

7. Are advance payments required to organize an event at TmCc?

Yes, but it depends on the complexity of the event. For further details, please fill in the contact form.

8. Is wi-fi available in the location?

Complimentary Wi-fi is available throughout the spaces of TmCC.

9. What are the available IT and AV solutions?

The halls are equipped with the best AV and IT solutions to meet your requirements.

10. Are the halls soundproof?

Yes, the halls are soundproof to ensure a smooth experience. 

11. What are the advertising possibilities at TmCC?

The advertising offer includes the display of videos on the two outdoor LED screens, the display of posters in specially organised spaces, as well as spider or roll up display.

Gluing, sticking, taping or hanging materials on the walls, windows and doors is not permitted. Due to the architecture of the building, outdoor banners will not be hung.

12. Is catering available?

Yes, catering is available and the F&B services are exclusively provided by TmCC. Other catering services are not permitted. For more information on our catering options, please contact one of our consultants, who will make sure to meet your wishes.

13. I forgot an object in the hall, how can I recover it?

The objects you might forget at the end of the event can be recovered from TmCC in 30 days if they are found by or brought to a member of the staff. After this period has passed, they will be donated.

For further information, please contact one of TmCC consultants.


14. Are there parking spaces available for guests?

TmCC offers a modern underground car park, with 72 parking spaces and the possibility to charge electric cars.

15. Can parking spaces be reserved in advance?

Parking spaces can’t be reserved in advance.

16. Are there parking places available for electric or hybrid cars?

Yes, you can find two charging stations for electric or hybrid cars on the first level of the car park.

17. If the TmCC car park is full, where can I park?

You can park in the private car park across the street from TmCC or along the adjacent streets. When parking on the streets close to TmCC, please keep in mind that the city’s TimPark fee must be paid. (link)

18. Is there an ATM inside the Timisoara Convention Center?

There is an ATM provided by First Bank.  Additional ATMs from other banks are available in Victoria Square, 3 minutes away from the Convention Center.

19. Where can I stay if I attend an event of TmCC?

Our partners are eager to host you. Please find further information on our page, Accommodation and Recommendations.